Sure of what you are


Position Zurich Klinc as the first life insurance company that accompanies the life of millennials. A 100% online, fast, easy and paper-free insurance.


We relaunched the brand as the first life insurance that cares about how young people live. This way we managed to lure the millennials to think of Klinc as their best bet to protect everything they want: from their cell phone or an electric scooter to their own life and family’s.


Zurich Klinc se transformó en la marca preferida por los jóvenes:
+200k site visits during the campaign.
A 45% increase in insurance policies during the campaign.
64% of costumers interacted with the Klinc app.

Sure of yourself

Everything you are is safe

Meet Celia Fernández, the first Spanish “high diver” woman in history. She told us on IG about her life as a professional 20+ meter-high jumps and leaping into the water at about 70km/h. A great example that there are people who live as if they had insurance.

we reinvented insurances on social media by creating an IG community of over 28k people IG community in less than a year that helped us reach more than 200k site visits per month.

“Honest helped us fully turn around insurances”

RAÚL CASADO Marketing Director, Zurich Klinc