The first digital museum showcasing art created during the pandemic.


COVID-19 spread, and millions of people were confined to their homes, where they had to deal with stress and anxiety. During this period, many turned to art to stay active, reflect on the changes brought by the pandemic, and adapt to the new situation. This art is a valuable testimony to the pandemic, but it was scattered and at risk of being lost or forgotten.


That’s when we asked ourselves: What will happen to all this art? Will it be lost? How could we share it and preserve it for the future? That’s how, on March 19th, the Covid Art Museum was born, the first digital museum showcasing artworks created during the pandemic.


+22,000,000 impressions on the profile.
+70,000 artworks received.
+120,000 participating countries.
+222,000 articles worldwide.

C de C Yearbook Creative

TEAM: Emma Calvo, Irene Llorca y José Guerrero

A viral museum

22,000,000 impressions

+70,000 artworks

+222,000 articles worldwide

As of today, the museum remains open on Instagram and continues to expand its collection.

“Your timing is perfect and so is the name.
The idea to have all this work collected on a designated account on IG is perfect”